The greatest stories ever told are the ones we tell ourselves

The past can empower the present.

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Using Story-Gathering, Story-Navigation, and the P3 Technique we support social service professionals, educational institutions, businesses and individuals in making success easier to achieve by applying a model for success already within you.

We are committed to helping you become the Story Specialist of your own personal and professional life. We help you identify a model of success from your behavior patterns and memories in order to improve your insight and decision-making.

What We Offer

One on One Coaching

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Workshop Facilitation

Through Story-Gathering, Story-Navigation, role play, partner work, and group discussion participants leave with empowerment, clarity and focus on how to turn a challenge into an opportunity. Learn More…

Staff Professional Development/Trainings

Our personal experiences inform our work lives whether we want them to or not. What if you could influence how your personal experiences impacted your work for the good? Learn More…

Curriculum Development

We provide programming around resiliency, identifying external and internal resources, and developing thinking patterns that enable success.
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About Pamela Jackson

I grew up in a house of domestic violence and because of this being present is one of my biggest struggles. I don’t like surprises. Surprises when I was little were a big puddle of blood on the floor of the vestibule before stepping into the living room of my home. Surprises were a sudden shattering of glass as a fist rammed through the screen door. Surprises were death threats from one family member to another and at night being taught by an older cousin how to touch and be touched in private areas.

Forget surprises. I’d rather run through a series of what ifs and every possibility under the rainbow of why my self-employed life will fail, why my marriage to the most amazing man I have ever met will fail, why my new friendship with my twin sister as we hit 30 years old will crash into some wall if we keep spending all this time with each other. I’d rather have these possible outcomes ready in mind than wait until they happen. I worry to avoid surprises because the anything that could happen has happened in my life. I know this phrase is not a vain threat. So I assume all of the anythings that could happen to protect myself. This is what takes me out of being present, in the moment, as I busy myself with picking out a tone of voice, a cough, limited eye contact, elements in the present moment I use to predict the disaster that could happen because of them.

I share this story about myself because it is why I do my work around moments. Trauma survivors can come to a place of being able to thrive rather than simply survive because they have at some point been able to recount, play by play, the event that stayed within their emotional body and shocked them as it happened. They can at some point say what happened, allowing the picture of the event to play through their memory like a movie they are narrating but it’s a narration unlike any other in that as it narrates, as it says aloud the feared moment, it in some degree diffuses the power of that event in the narrator’s emotional, physical and psychological life. Sometimes standing in what happened releases it. Or standing in what happened is the beginning of the release from its control over us. Saying what happened is a form of release. This release then frees us up to be more available to the moment happening right now.

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