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About G.E.M.S.

G.E.M.S. is an adaptation of three sessions Pamela conducted with her mother using a conflict-resolution dialogue she founded called The Mother Daughter, In one year they held 11 sessions, talking about moments that had impacted the relationship, one moment per session. Out of this process Pamela created three characters, Emma, a mid 20s, wanderlust woman searching for God through sex with a man, her conservative, long-suffering mother Helen, and a drug dealer under the alias “Dread” who prophesies to Emma about her purpose in the world in order to get her to sleep with him. As Emma engages Dread, she enters into talk therapy sessions with her mother—no therapist or mediator–just the two of them talking about men and God so that Emma can avoid her mother’s pain and suffering.

Recent Performances

March 29th
The New School, New York, NY
October 1st
The Annual Healing Conference, Silver Spring, MD
August 12th & 13th
Irondale Theater New York, NY

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