A process that helps one locate their personal story inside of a challenge. You become your own Personal Story-Gatherer after learning how to identify your own story/stories inside of challenges.


How to manage your story and the stories of those around you in order to make decisions and behave with foresight, compassion, and judiciousness.

P3 Technique:

This technique stands for three moments: Present, Past, and a redefined Present. We ask four questions: What’s not working, What’s missing, Where did you see it last, How can it help you again? This technique allows you to see that you have succeeded before by creating a plan for you to succeed again, using what has worked in the past.


One on One Coaching

One on One Coaching is a series of 1 to 10 private sessions for addressing any challenge in your life. We break down self-deprecation and doubt using the P3 technique to achieve success within your personal and/or professional story.

In one session clients learn how to be a Personal Story-Gatherer, create a P3 Plan for how to implement what has worked in the past to what is not working for them right now.

In one to five sessions, clients create a P3 Plan, execute a practice called the G.E.M. Perspective, identifying good in the midst of challenge, and begin to create a Follow-Up Plan that incorporates Story-Navigation to preserve their new behavior and attitude changes.

In ten sessions clients are able to facilitate the P3 technique on themselves, conduct story-gathering with another person, understand their ideal Story-Navigation mode, create a P3 Plan, a full P3 Follow-up Plan for any challenge, and if desired, coach others using these methods.

Staff Professional Development/Trainings

Our personal experiences inform our work lives whether we want them to or not. These experiences impact our self-worth, which impacts our trust-building with colleagues, which impacts our quality of life on the job. What if you could influence how your personal experiences impacted your work for the good? Our staff PD and trainings allow for introspection in a group setting around your story and how it can serve your work and clients.

*This training is conducive to any work environment, with an assessment of the needs for each workplace tailoring the trainings. Each staff member leaves with the P3 Technique they are able to perform with clients, staff members, at work or home.

Workshop Facilitation

Facilitator teaches Listening skills, Story-Gathering, Story-Navigation, and the P3 Technique to support each group member in finding the challenges, answers, and excellence within themselves around their personal story. We hinge our workshops on a facilitator-as-participant model which allows for less hierarchy and more group members’ voices to dominate in the room, as they deepen their self-awareness, group intelligence, and self-healing skill sets for increased resilience and problem-solving post-workshop. Through role play, partner work, and group discussion participants leave with empowerment, clarity and focus on how to turn a challenge into an opportunity.

Curriculum Development

We provide programming in:
· Mental models that enable the ability to identify solutions
· Restructuring thinking patterns to improve current decision-making
· Learning to ask questions that produce empowering answers
· Applying resilient behavior and attitudes to strategically address challenges

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